Turning Point

by Turnkey

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released October 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Turnkey Brightwaters, New York

we are music
Ryan Keyes
Thomas Charles Sanders
keyes_ryan@yahoo.com - email me (;

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Track Name: Yellow Days
Goin down, after school
Not knowin actin like a fool
Ice Cube don't understand English
Like a dolphin talking to a fish
When you talk, I just don't know
To the store, I would ashume sho
My old days have passed
When i look back I think "man that went by fast"

Monsters always inside me, like nectar and honey inside of a bee
Look left, look right, offer your services I just might
I could never match your wit, and if I tried you'd tell me to deal with it
Am I crazy? I think so
When I watch you walk out and let you go

Maybe it's time I realize, not everything is the same in your eyes
Maybe it's time I see, be anything I wanna be
Maybe it's time I think, you shoot, I sink
Everyone thinks I'm gray
But I'm just having one of those days

Are there other people like me?
Feel alone, my heart beats violently
Lock the door my friend, my love
and look down, no need to look above
It's gunna take a while
Never miss a second, make you smile
Is this some sort of trap?
So tired think I'll take a nap

Track Name: Our Day Has Come
You say, you know who they are
But you don't
They are locked away, for the day
They say
You know our name

Our day has come, for the worst
The pain has yet to come
Yet here we are, We are dumb
You know not who we are

You know, it's not good for you
Been there before
It's empty like space
I know it's you
Please have a clue
Waste is paste due



Track Name: Turning Point
No one is left, everyone's gone
The ones we thought we knew went and did us wrong
But what about the ones who were close to us?
We loved them, but then they gave up on us
And now, we're all alone
We're off the hook, I hear the dial tone

When you know that you're done and everything goes wrong
What do you suppose we do?
There's no strength in the force, that is blocking us
Do you suppose it's true?
Even with the ones we've come to know, they are denying us
Do you suppose we're doomed?

What do you think, we're here for?
To entertain the rich and the poor?
If you care, let you speak now
But if not, you'll be the coward here
But now, we're left to die
You think I have the answers but I don't know why
Track Name: Lost Shirt (Hey Andrea)
Love has passed and love is done
love is over had our fun
8 months later, brother John
I think it's time that you moved on
Forget the past, it's something new
Leave me alone, find something to do
I saw you twice back in the day
When we were cool and had nothing to say
I wasn't the best, something you knew
But I'm still here and I STILL LOVE YOU

Hey Andrea x 4

Well, you lost my shirt but here's your song
I owe it to you, 8 months is too long
The guys you date they are all tools
That includes myself, your brother's a fool
You're not so bad, did things on command
Except for the time that I broke my hand
You always said that I'd be a star
And write a song about how attractive you are
You're not that special, at least not to me
You cooked me food while I watched TV

Hey Andrea x 4

(first verse again)
Track Name: Hylomania
What is the meaning behind,
all of this nonsense I find
What's wrong is something I tried,
there must be a single way out
Of this you call off your life
It stops and I'm left behind
You drowned in your own self-worth
It's like I didn't have to try

I know it's not my fault
I know it's not your fault
I gotta find a way out
Before you open your eyes

Watch you, and you are a dime
Sold for a nickel at most
You leave and I stop to think
For what I did to your ghost
You could say you were in charge
For everything you said would go
There's something in your veins
Red and pink like a rose
Track Name: Park, Leaves, Death's Easy
*ryan - I met a Guy!
*cole - What was his name?
*ryan - His name doesn't matter, all I know is that he never took a risk
*cole - He never took a chance
*ryan - He never took off his pants, this guy was hung out to-
Never had I met a guy, that was quite like this
this guy had to sit down when he pissed
Did he have family? You might wonder
Well he didn't, so stop asking!

Oh how I feel bad, for this guy
Never had a chance, he never asked why

Saddest day is when he took his last breath,
no one was there
and that's what cause his early death

He was done, he'd be 6 feet deep
Except for the hope that he got in his sleep
Was he a dreamer? you might wonder
Well he wasn't so stop asking!
Track Name: All Alone
There'll be a long time
Before you can say you've seen it all
Just let me explain
What I said is not what I meant at all
The things I do, are just for you
All the things I wish you knew
You are the way, you need to be
I love the thought of you and me

And we are not alone
Because you're here, you know I care
And We are not alone
You know there's something out there
You and me, it's meant to be so tell me that i'm free
Something you should know, I think it's time for you to go

Read through the symptoms
I'm pretty sure I've got them all
But where will you be?
Not here, I'll be here staring at the wall
It's you and me, that's meant to be
Tell me I'm wrong, just wait and see
You are the one, it's said and done
Now lay back to have some fun
Track Name: In My Head
And If you have to explain to yourself
You'll have to ask yourself and find a way
Track Name: Sheldon
You say you know what I mean
You say you're somewhere in between
You say you know where I've been
You say you know what I'm in

And so I said Sheldon
It really brings me down
Track Name: This Is It
So you wake up alone
to think up all the things you've done wrong
But then I come along
And give you thoughts to think about

And if you think that you know why
I'd like to know before I die
the days close in but you don't win
This life is done
New one begins
Get up, get over it
I'm standing here with a thought inside my head
If you really do love me
Then you'll understand why we're better off dead

Ok so maybe things didn't turn out how we planned
But you and me have to believe that there is more than where we stand
Not the time for questioning, that was for many years ago
And as the clock runs out, there is not much time left to go
Hold on tight and close your eyes, we are in for a ride
Say your goodbyes and we are in for a ride


Are you having second thoughts? Cause i know this is what i want
We said "it would never end like this"
But this ending has a twist
And as we're laying down and thinking of years that went by
I look at you you at me and start to cry
You say you know this is right, you know this is wise
i grab your hand as you grab mine as we both close our eyes